Thursday, March 11, 2010

Boats and Bikes

This post has been ages in the making because my computer has decided to say the long goodbye one failing component at a time and the library only allows you so much time on their computers. Since I'm in the midst of a job search this post has been shuffled to the bottom of the priority list for many days, but with a few moments to spare I bring it to you at last.

Tuesday was a bright spot in the week, literally. Everyday since then has been rainy, windy, and overcast. Lots of folks were out trying to enjoy the last day of nice weather, like these boaters (and their dog).

I met two cyclists! Marc studies Georgraphic Information Systems (stuff that regards maps, he says) at Kennesaw State and was able to figure out a practical route from there to Acworth Beach (that's about a nine mile jaunt). I hope he puts some of his routes on Bikely! Of course, he also rides his bike to classes, but he doesn't live nearly as far away.

I loved the kiddie seat on Scott's bike. He said that he often takes the grandkids for rides, but today he was out for a pre-workout ride. He's getting back into triatholon shape--like his daughter and son-in-law who are training for triatholons! Wow!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bikes Around the Globe #4

via Hanneli shot by Tommy Ton

This Norwegian fashionista knows that it's much easier to ride a bike in those wedges than walk in them.

Monday, March 1, 2010


I guess you could call this a "slow bicycle" shop. Adeline Adeline is a new bike shop in New York City that sells, "toodling-around-town bikes and not bikes that climb mountains or race. Bikes and bike accessories with style." "No Lycra," declares owner, Julia Hirschfeld.

What a welcome development! Toodling seems to get lost between talk of commuting or cycling as a sport. Who would've thought that there would be a shop catering to toodlers? I didn't even know that "toodling" was a term thrown around widely until I just looked it up. However, I was toodling the other day and as I approached group of teen girls one shouted out, "I like your bike. Girrrl, you killin' that thang!"

Toodling definitely has its rewards.

Are there any other toodler-affirming bike shops out there? Do you know of any bicycle manufacturers that make products for the toodler market? I'm sure toodlers are good shoppers like commuters so let me know!