Monday, June 28, 2010

"Soon" Is A Subjective Term

That says, "Hi," just in case you can't see it.

In the months that I've not posted anything for your dear readers, I can assure you that I've been riding, learning, and having adventures that are quite blogworthy. I just won't be blogging them here anymore. Happily, gainful employment is in my immediate future, as is relocation, and I won't have time to blog here and at "Sweet Georgia Brown" so head over there for lots of information on and anedoctotes regarding my valiant steed, Brown Betty.

Not to leave you high and dry, I'll still be composing that Brown Betty album. If you're thinking of getting a Globe Live 2 Mixte, you can get plenty of views of this beauty. If you have questions, I'll still be answering e-mail at I've also got some bike wisdom for you [vicariously] from Josh, bike mechanic extradinaire from Out Spokin' Bikes who is as patient as he is strong.

You should go through the ABC's before every ride: A is for air, B is for brakes, and C is for chain. Because the rubber of your bike tires is porous, tiny amounts of air can escape from them in between rides and, depending on what kind of tires you're riding on (like skinny road tires), it can be quite important to make sure that they're inflated to the proper pressure. Checking brakes is simple--just squeeze the brakes before you head out to see if they feel good. To check the chain, look it over to make sure that it's not dirty and that it's oiled properly. Oiling it once a month should cover your bike's lubrication needs.

There's actually more to be posted from the Basic Maintenance Clinic I attended at Outspokin' Bikes on my other blog (or there will be soon). I hope this helps you have many fun rides in the meantime.