Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hardy Cyclist

I haven't yet composed my list of winter tips and helpful items for cycling in the cold although it is coming. First, I just want to discuss the act of winter cycling. In my experience, people seem to think that it shouldn't be done. It's simply too cold and it's foolish to be outside in such temperatures. It has been cold for Georgia lately, but I've seen that our "normal" or average temperature for this time of year is in the 50's. The upper 30's that we've been "suffering" may feel extreme by comparison, but it's nothing in the face of what people up North are dealing with--and they're still on their bikes. These are the complaints of the soft and I feel pretty hardy by contrast.

Winter is always cold. Even in Georgia where "cold" means temperatures in the 50's. Given the cyclical nature of what we're dealing with it should be easy enough for us to come to terms with the season with the proper hats, scarves, gloves, and coats--and still spend time outdoors. I think it's rather unnatural to believe that one should spend an entire season indoors. Are we mice or men? I'm not saying that there aren't temperatures too low for cycling, but I'm not countering such a rational argument. Most of the people who comment at my cycling in our current temperatures seem to think that winter itself is too cold for being outdoors. I reflect upon my counterparts spending their leisure time in their heated TV rooms and feel quite tough. I like feeling that I'm doing something that others don't have the heart or the vigor to attempt. I wouldn't say that I was a girly-girl growing up, but I wasn't a tomboy either so to discover this inner grit is a pleasant surprise.

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