Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Skirtguard Installation #1

I just got a nice little e-mail from Josh of Out Spokin' Bikes today which reminded me that it's time for Betty's 90-day check-up. I haven't had any problems with her, but I figure that after my unsuccessful skirtguard installation, it might not hurt to have her looked at. Maybe the middle of next week will be a good time since I'll have the opportunity to try another set of skirtguards on Betty.

Yep. I'm going to try again--this time with a metal set of skirtguards. They should sit on the surface of the fenders making their spare design a non-issue. After talking the matter over with Michael (the warehouse manager at Morgan Imports), I think a few zip-ties should further secure the skirtguards to Betty without much of a problem. He also advised me to heat the plastic skirtguard that was bent with a hairdryer to straighten it. It turns out that I had my skirtguards turned inside out too; I'm sure putting them on the bicycle the right way can do nothing but help!

I'll definitely have news of installation #2 when I get the new set of skirtguards, along with any troubleshooting tips required. Wish me luck!

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