Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hello, Acworth

I must have only posted this on my other blog: I've moved. I haven't been able to get to the Internet much because we cut off our landline as one of the first orders of business and went into cells-only mode. It took forever to pack up the house--it used to be my grandmother's house and she used to have a cafe (which I just found out about) so I pretty much packed dishes and glasses for three days straight. Then there was the furniture, clothes, bric-a-brac, the dog. Of course, my bikes weren't important to anybody, but me, and I had to spend the night at the new house without either bike (even though I tried in vain to at least get Betty over to the new house along with me). Yesterday, some friends brought Betty, but Praline is locked in the old house alone. I hate that the Sable Stable isn't together.

To be honest, another reason that I haven't posted that much is because I've been out riding. I probably have a relative or two with Internet access and I could've asked them for a little time on their computer, but I hate to be a bother and it was soooo beautiful outside this past week. Today is overcast and drizzly, but it's still unseasonably warm. Maybe I'll get a picture of my new environs for this post. I still have a picture missing from my last post--I'll try to put new pictures up tonight.

Oh yeah, some of the pictures I have to post are from a little weekend ride my mom my sister, Buttons, the Yorkshire Terrier, and I took. I let my mom ride Betty because I thought it would be easier for her to get up the hills with more speeds. Her ride didn't go as smoothly as I anticipated. I'll definitely blog with pictures about it later.

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