Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Lost Weekend

My mom with my sister.

Praline Supreme: the senior member of the Sable Stable.

Apparently, my mom is the carrier of the blurry picture gene which afflicts me so.

She insisted I pose for this rustic picture at the old train depot.

I'm trying to take a cool picture like meligrosa and failing.

Like, I said, my mom, my sister, the Yorkshire terrier, and I went riding. What I didn't say is that I need a Courtnee-proof camera. Hopefully, I'll get a camera that takes good pictures despite me for Xmas. (They do make those now, don't they?)

Also, in spite of a little test run on Betty, my mom's ride didn't get off to a very smooth start. I should've shown her how to come to a start after she'd come to a stop--I had a lot of problems with that initially too. Well, at a stop sign, my mom was trying to get started again and she and Betty went down--Mom went flat on her back. It was no one's fault, but a lady driving an SUV paused at the intersection kept apologizing even though we told her she had nothing to do with it. I hope I find such sensitive drivers in the future when I'm actually moving.

While out and about, I took a number of pictures downtown. Pictures of downtown Acworth which looks a lot like downtown Cartersville and Woodstock and probably a number of other places will be coming soon and I'll throw in some pictures of Lake Acworth for variety.


  1. I don't know about a Courtnee proof camera, but some of the newer ones have some type of stabilization software on them. ;-)

    Maybe take a beginners photography course at the local community college? I have considered it...


  2. Aaron: I need all the stabilization I can get! A photography class sounds like a really good idea, but it has to get in line behind my cooking classes and possibly a print-making class (I'm such a stationery junkie, I want to learn about making letterpress stationery). I'm sure I'll fit in there somewhere!

  3. I want a dog just so I can cycle with it :)