Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tweed Envy

via The Bike Blog Book

I want to be this woman! Not literally, but
  • I want to go on a Tweed Ride. I want a Tweed ride in my area and I want to live in the type of area that would host a Tweed Ride.
  • My tweed needs to be appreciated: one of my pieces is pink and the other is merlot and grey. They are colorful tweeds with personality that the world should take notice of!
  • I need vintage fur. I adhere to my grandmother's simple philosophy: "if you don't eat it, don't kill it." Vintage fur causes no qualms of conscience.
  • I also need a nice pair of oxfords.


  1. What a fab picture. Maybe you could organize your own tweed ride, if there are enough people in your community to participate. Your pink tweed must be shown off!

  2. A tweed ride of one? ;-)

    Start your own, everybody has to start somewhere!

    I want to organize a Paisley ride, but would fear for my life from the fashion police. :-D


  3. Dottie: Once I get settled, I will definitely consider it. And I will have prize for colorful tweed ensemble!

    Aaron: There's nothing wrong with paisley as long as it's not in the form of a Nehru jacket or a poncho--there's a reason why fashion doesn't revisit the Sixties that often ;)