Monday, December 21, 2009

A Family of Cyclists

Kenny, the dad's bike

Michael, the son's trike

All the sons' bikes

After seeing all of those bikes in the backyard as I roll by everyday, I had to stop and ask about who was riding them and where. Kenny was nice enough to go out back and unchain the bikes so I could get some pictures. (He didn't want to pose with his bike so I didn't ask for any other rider with bicycle pictures). I also met his two sons, Stephen and Michael.

Kenny has lived in Acworth for about thirty years and he got his 70's era Schwinn Suburban from a neighbor who was putting it out for trash collection. The paint job looked great and all the parts appeared to be original except maybe for the old-fashioned horn. Kenny said that he likes to ride around town for pleasure--he added that it doesn't hurt that riding keeps his weight down. His son, Michael, rides his trike to work just down the street at a restaurant called, Henry's. I don't know how I missed that magenta beauty, but Michael said he's seen Betty and me around town. I complimented the size of the trike's seat mentioning that my mom thinks that today's bike seats are not big enough for real people's butts. Both father and sons heartily agreed. Kenny said the seats are probably sized for the sporty, spandex-clad cyclist. In true cycle chic style he wears his everyday clothes on his bike ensuring his comfort by wearing baggy jeans.

I'm glad that I had the courage to ring the bell at Kenny's house today--I haven't been good about asking the few cyclists I've encountered for photo opportunities. I saw an elderly cyclist today at the library. He walked with a limp, but he rode effortlessly--now that's chic.

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