Monday, December 21, 2009

Haven't I Seen You Somewhere Before?

I'm guessing this is a Carmel 1 Low Entry.

The woman at left definitely has a Roll 2, but if the woman on the right has a Vienna 4 they must have shot this photo with weird lighting.

Matching the Haul 1 Step Through to the model's outfit: very clever.

The last place I'd think I'd see Globe Bikes or any display of cycle chic is Utah, but here it is: Cycle and Style is "an online women's magazine bringing together Cycling, Style, and Health." Not only is it grand that women, in their everyday clothes are shown riding bikes, but it's even better that it's implied that any sort of bike can suit the purposes of a utility cyclist. All you have to do is get on the bike and ride it.

Kudos to you, ladies of Utah! You are doing a great service to your state--not only for the environment, but for the state's image. Frankly, when I think of Utah, polygamy and the Osmond family come to mind and I can't say that I approve of either one (especially after Donnie Osmond's undeserved win on "Dancing With the Stars").


  1. You have obviously not been to Utah! SLC is a GREAT cycling town with lots of amenities! There are kinds of people pedaling around to get where they are going in Utah!

  2. True. I have never been to Utah; it's not really on my "places to visit" list. However, it is nice to know that its residents are forward-thinking in regards to modes of transportation.

  3. Thanks for the Kudos, Courtnee. BTW, the photo of the schoolgirl in white, was in her own cute clothes. Her bike is a Vienna--she just put a rack on the back. Like Adrienne said, SLC is a great cycling town--and Utah tends to be a destination hotspot for mountain biking (esp. Moab.) You Georgians have the Tour de Georgia, and here for the last 5 years, we've had the Tour de Utah. Whatever it takes to get more cyclists--fewer cars. Right? (Tara)

  4. Tara: I hope that the Tour de Utah is promoting cycling in your state. I'm sure your magazine helps pick up the slack in fostering cycling ambitions in the lycra-averse. I can't speak to the effect of the Tour de Georgia on cycling here, especially since the event won't be held again until 2011.